From e-commerce to franchise operations, we provide retailers with a single software solution that combines all of their in-store and online systems.  This optimizes your experience by removing duplicate tasks; Data is entered, stored, tracked, located, and managed all in one place. 


Components of JellyWhat include:

CRM Reporting/Tools

Lose a customer who used you exclusively? What happened? Have you even noticed it’s been months since they ordered? Our system puts the flexibility of your businesses history and customer retention at your fingertips.  Real-time reporting and the customer management pipeline allow you to gain valuable insight on your consumer relationships. Use built in tools to send quotes with custom user pricing, send coupons,  or execute/review other actions to maximize retention and improve the customer experience.

Inventory Tracker

“Inventory” as a term can encompass a lot and this solution tracks it all. Delivered, shipped and even defective and returned products are tracked through the system so you know precisely where your demand is.  The software quickly learns your inventory trends and will automatically take action.  We calculate how many of each product you need to order, generate your purchase order, and with the click of a button (or tap of a screen!) place the order with your vendor.

POS System

Accept a variety of payments in our unique POS system.  Our checkout is the fastest on the market.  Swipe a customers card, then collect their signature digitally and all records will be stored in the customers account, accessible to you and your customers, inside our solution.  The software learns your clients purchasing habits and positions returning users to complete their transactions even faster.  …we’re talking just click a couple of buttons fast–no kidding!  All of this, of course, without the need for expensive hardware and maintenance agreements for POS functionality.

Order Management

Orders can be received online, in-person with smart devices or even using a brick and mortar store front. All order data flows into the same management system for you and your team.

Accounts Receivables

Track outstanding debt that has been accrued through the system and take the necessary actions to collect.

Organization & Financial Reporting

View the flow of your business in real time. Dynamic charts show you where your resources are being allocated and how your income is divided. These reports also display employee activity and monitor their actions.

Quoting Tool

Assign custom prices unique to individual customers and communicate these prices effectively using emailed or printed quotes.

Real-Time Metrics

Track your order, customer and inventory metrics live as sales occur. There is no need to wait for the “end of day” report; see it all live, as it happens, and take action on the fly.

Sales Force Management

Track which sales team members are responsible for which sales, from new sales to returning customers, and cut their commission checks accordingly.

Singularity Search

Search all product and customer records simultaneously, quickly displaying all related data. Users display alongside their email addresses and phone numbers while products display using page yields and pictures.